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Appointment of Mediators

In line with the functions imposed upon the Centre by the Act, one of the first tasks undertaken by the Board of Governors has been the drawing up of a Code of Conduct to be followed by mediators during mediation proceedings. In order to have the necessary infrastructure in place, the next step was the setting up of criteria for the appointment of mediators and two mediation courses were held, one in in July 2008 and another one in February 2009.

With a view to ensuring that persons accredited as mediators are highly qualified in mediation skills, the Centre made arrangements with the University of Malta for the introduction of a course leading to a Post-Graduate Diploma in Mediation. The first course commenced in February 2011 as an evening part-time course. In January 2012 the course was upgraded to a Master of Arts in Mediation and is run as an evening part-time course for a period of three years.

Currently, to be accredited with our Centre, a mediator, must hold a Master of Arts in Mediation from the University of Malta or an equivalent degree duly accredited by a nationally recognised and qualified overseas mediation training institution or agency duly recognised and approved by the Board of Governors of Malta in terms of the Act Cap. 474 Art. 5 (d).

A mediator is required to have knowledge of the English and Maltese language. The language competence must enable the mediator to communicate, understand and carry out duties with the utmost efficiency.

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