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Board of Governors

Board of Governors
The policy and general administration of the affairs and business of the Malta Mediation Centre is entrusted to a Board of Governors and shall consist of not less than three and not more than five members appointed by the Minister.

The Board shall have as its members a Chairperson who shall be an advocate who has practised law for the previous twelve years, a Deputy Chairperson who shall also be an advocate who has practised law for the previous twelve years and members who shall have knowledge and experience in dispute resolution, commercial matters or in the opinion of the Minister are qualified to perform the duties of a member. The members of the Board shall hold office for a period of four years and are eligible for re-appointment.

At present, the Board of Governors is composed of the following persons:

Dr Vincent Micallef

Deputy Chairperson:
Dr. Michael Tanti Dougall

Board Members:
Dr Jacob Portelli
Ms Frances Muscat
Ms Jennifer Cuschieri

Secretary to the Board/ Registrar:
Mr Romuald Attard

The Registrar:
The Centre has a Registrar who acts also as Board secretary. He is appointed by the Board and is required by law to perform such functions as may be delegated to him by the Board from time to time. The Registrar is vested with the legal representation of the Centre and has the duty to administer oaths of office required to be taken by mediators accredited by the Centre.

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