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The Malta Mediation Centre

Establishment of the Centre

In Malta, mediation is regulated by the Mediation Act (Chapter 474 of the Laws of Malta) which came into force. on the 21st December, 2004. The Malta Mediation Centre was set up on the 7th July, 2005 when the first Board of Governors of the Centre was appointed.

The Centre, which is a body corporate with distinct legal personality, was set up for the purpose of providing a forum where two or more parties in dispute or in litigation may voluntarily refer or be referred by the Court or other adjudicatory authority, in order to resolve their dispute by mediation, namely, the process in which a mediator, duly accredited by the Centre, acts as an impartial third party with a view to facilitating negotiations between litigants in order to assist them resolve their dispute by reaching a voluntary and timely agreement.

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