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Mediation Tariffs

Voluntary mediations

  • Family mediations disputes – €35
  • Mediations involving Voluntary Organisations as defined under the Voluntary Organisation Act (Art. 3) – €35
  • Mediations involving any other Authority established by law – €50
  • Disputes that do not involve a monetary value – €70
  • For all other disputes – €120

Court or Tribunal referred cases

  • All these types of cases irrespective of the value or the merits of the case – €50
  1. The above amounts indicated regard the entire initial registration fee to submit an application before the Mediation Centre.
  2. In order to voluntarily submit a mediation application before the Centre, one must submit the following eForm – click here to open form.
  3. With regard to Court or Tribunal referred mediations one cannot submit a mediation before submitting concurrently with the application the decree from the Court or Tribunal authorising mediation proceedings before the Centre.
  4. With regard to mediations, proceedings are held without prejudice and there is no appeal in these cases as mediation proceedings are not disputes but it serves only as an alternative dispute mechanism for parties to try and resolve their contentions and find solutions for a way forward.
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